First, listen to them! One boy said, ‘I feel like a  comma. When I talk to my dad he will say something.  Then when I start to talk again he makes a comma; he  does not interrupt me, but when I am finished he starts right where he left off. It is as if I did not  say anything.’ You will never understand your children until you take time and really listen to what they are saying.

Second, believe in them! As a child, the great Caruso was told by a music teacher, ‘You have no talent at all.’ Parent, make sure your voice is the loudest. Get there first; build their confidence; give them the faith and self worth required to overcome every obstacle they will face.

Third, connect with them! Find out what is in their heart. If you try to control them before you connect with them, you will lose every time. What do you really know about them? Their struggles? Their heroes? Their music? Their friends? Their fears? Their dreams?  If your answer is, ‘not much,’ start making some changes right away.

Fourth, let them see God in you! Have you heard the story about the three children discussing their dads? One said, ‘My dad knows the Mayor.’ Another said, ‘My dad knows the Governor.’ Confidently, the third said, ‘That is nothing, my dad knows God!’ Parent, do you know God? If you do not, commit your life to Him