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Getting rid of food addictions for weight loss and better health

Food addiction is real and is the root cause of why so many people are overweight and sick.  They are stuck in a vicious cycle of cravings. They eat foods that spike their blood sugar and make the brain’s pleasure center light up.  This triggers more cravings, driving them to seek out more of the substance that gives them this high.

Addiction to sugar, processed foods and other refined carbohydrates spike our blood sugar levels and detox could help us end cravings, lose weight and regain health.
Obesity related issues account for 80% of US healthcare costs and will create a global price tag off $47 trillion during the next 20 years.

The food industry would have us believe obesity is the result of personal choices. Sometimes it is, but they imply people are fat not because their biology has been masterfully tricked into craving the junk that the industry produces, but because people are lazy and gluttonous. This is what the industry experts are paid to agree on. They tell us we should exercise moderation, but addicts should not exercise moderation. Addicts should quit cold turkey and get the junk out of their system.

What they don’t explain is that you would have to walk 4 1/2 miles to burn off one 20 ounce soda.

To burn off one supersize fast food meal, you have to run 4 miles a day every day for a week

And thanks to the addiction generating genius of fast food engineering, once you’ve eaten that supersized meal, you’re going to want another one soon.

Food scientists focus on creating foods that trigger the bliss point, the addictive reward pathway in the brain that keeps us going back for more.  They chemically exaggerate certain flavors in order to create taste sensations so intoxicating the appealing that no matter how much you devour, you feel you can never get enough.

If you’re overweight, there’s a good chance that you’re addicted to certain foods.  Food addiction is usually framed as an emotional issue but it is largely a biochemical problem

Your hormones, taste buds and brain chemistry have been hijacked by the food industry.

They are feeding us a steady stream of hyper processed highly palatable, intensely addictive foods in order to claim a bigger market share.

Sugary foods, processed foods filled with sweeteners and refined carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta and chips, all turn into sugar in your body and spike your blood sugar levels.

Research shows that sugars light up pleasure centers in your brain just like cocaine and heroin do. This causes addictive cravings for these foods, cravings that we often can’t resist.

How else do you explain 70% of Americans and nearly 20% of the worlds population being overweight today?  Many Americans suffer from diabesity, the imbalance ranging from mild insulin resistance to prediabetes to full-blown type two diabetes.

Many of us eat foods that we know are good for us, that aggravate chronic symptoms and that make us feel sick, bloated and guilty.

Surgery and fad diets do not work because they do not address or fix the biology of food addiction or change negative eating patterns.

Anytime we have access to a sweet or fatty foods we are biologically programmed to eat a lot of them and to store those excess calories as belly fat to sustain us through scarce times ahead.  That is what your body is supposed to do, but the problem is the scarcity we’re storing up for never comes. What saved us as hunters is killing us now.

Obesity is a normal response to an abnormal diet.

In order to break from addictive foods, to stop over eating and to reprogram your biology, you need to detox from the drug like foods and beverages you’ve been hooked on.

Big food companies spend millions of dollars on food science and hires experts to ensure that you will become addicted to deviously developed food additives, all of which are hidden in cleverly disguised vehicles for sugar, fat and salt.  Practicing moderation doesn’t work for drug addicts or alcoholics and neither does it work for food addicts.

In order to be free from addiction, we must clear the brain and body of these powerful drugs (food additives) completely through a well designed a program that supports the detox process.

I once watched a McDonald’s documentary, and they are very blunt about the fact that they hire scientists to come up with ways to make the food taste better. Instead of leaving the food in it’s natural form, they chemically alter it to make it taste better so they can sell more of it.

When companies profit from getting people to consume more and more of their products, products that have been scientifically proven to cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, we have a problem.

Some of the big players include Kraft, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Nestle  Cargil, these companies have strategically altered our food supply to our detriment.

High sugar and high glycemic foods may be addictive the same way as cocaine and heroin.

Foods with more sugar, those that raise blood sugar quickly or have what is called a high glycemic index, trigger as special region in the brain called the nucleus accumbens that is known to be Ground Zero for conventional addictions like gambling or drug abuse.  That is the pleasure center of the brain, that when activated, makes us feel good and drives us to seek out more of that feeling.

High glycemic and high sugar foods and foods high in refined carbohydrates cause a much greater spike in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Did you know that a serving of Prego tomato sauce has to when a half teaspoons of sugar, more than two Oreo cookies?

Did you know the average single size commercial yogurt has more sugar per serving and a can of Coke?

Did you know the main ingredient in your barbecue sauce is usually high fructose corn syrup?

While our bodies certainly need the healthy carbohydrates such as vegetables, grains and low glycemic fruit likes berries, refined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and chips basically turn into sugar in our body causing spikes in blood sugar and cravings.

They are over 600,000 processed food items on the market today, 80% of which contain added sugar.

Food addiction is real and is a root cause of why some many people are overweight and sick

They are stuck in a vicious cycle of cravings. They eat foods that spike their blood sugar and make the brains pleasure center light up.  This triggers more cravings, driving them to seek out more of the substance that gives them this high.   When you continue to use sugar and processed foods, your dopamine receptors are decreased. That means you need more and more of the addictive substance to generate the same amount of pleasure. This dynamic is called tolerance.   It explains why lights or occasional drinker might feel significant effects from a single glass of wine while I have a drinker or alcoholic may need a fifth of vodka just to get a buzz.

You can kick food addiction if you can do a short detox to reset your biology and your metabolism.  This will enable you to reverse chronic symptoms, break free of your cravings, lose weight and find your way back to your natural state of health energy and well-being.

  • Biochemistry drives your behavior, not willpower. In order to end your cravings and stop over eating, to lose weight and lose disease, you need to reset your hormones. This is the foundation of the detox to break the food addiction cycle.  Here is what detox will do for you:
  • Shut down insulin surges and arrest belly fat storage and cravings
  • Improve your sensitivity to insulin so you need to invest the balance your blood sugar resulting in weight loss and health
  • Reduce cortisol, the stress hormone that increases cravings for sugar, promotes belly fat storage and shrinks your brain.
  • Lower ghrelin the hunger hormone
  • Improve leptin sensitivity in the brain, allowing your natural appetite regulating system to work again
  • Increase peptide, the intestinal hormone that acts like a brake on your appetite and makes you feel full after a meal
  • Increase dopamine naturally and reset your brain’s reward pathways so you can feel pleasure was real food
  • Reset your taste buds so real food tastes good again
  • Eliminating toxins from your diet and lives and enhance your body’s ability to get rid off stored toxins that make you fat
  • Reduce inflammation, the problem at the root of almost all weight gain and chronic disease, by eliminating common food sensitivities, processed foods and sugar and by eating anti-inflammatory foods

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