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Beware of the Jezebel Spirit

Satan will not leave you alone to let your ministry or church prosper and grow.  He is going to come against you and come against you in ways you will not expect.  He is not going to show up at the door with a pitchfork and horns.  He is going to send someone with a beautiful smile and sweet words to win your heart.

There is an evil and devious Spirit that is operating in ministries and churches today.  This spirit is rampant in the church amongst the Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches.  What is this spirit? It’s Jezebel!  The Jezebel spirit is a religious spirit of witchcraft that sits in our ministries and churches secretly manipulating, intimidating, domineering, undermining and controlling.

A Jezebel has absolutely no regard for Godly authority and operates in opposition to the will of God with the intent of stopping His plans. For example, when the saints are trusting God for financial provision, the Spirit of Jezebel will SELL RAFFLE TICKETS TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE MINISTRY.  That’s when we stop trusting God and start listening to this spirit.

Why am I pointing this out to you?  Because I know that this evil Spirit can be stopped by God fearing men and women.  Jezebel’s purpose is to get control of churches and ministries and ultimately bring death to that body.

SATAN DOES NOT WANT TO SEE MINISTRIES RISE UP AND PROSPER.  He will send a person with a Jezebel Spirit to befriend the head of the ministry and gain their trust in order to start the deadly destructive process.

Ministries and churches will NEVER grow and prosper while harboring a person with a Jezebel spirit.  The Jezebel spirit seeks to destroy anyone in authority, i.e. Pastor, Elder, Prophet of God, Minister, Worship Leader, Prayer Leader, and will take that authority any way she/he can get it.

The Jezebel spirit is Lucifer spirit of domination, the anti-Christ spirit. It is the exact opposite of the Holy Spirit, but is definitely not divine. One name for the Holy Spirit is El-Shaddai, which besides God Almighty, is derived from the word Shad which is breast. It is typical of the Holy Spirit to comfort, love, feed, etc. Jezebel is the perversion of that, controlling men like a hateful mother and leading them into perversion. This spirit does not have a mind or a heart that can be changed or convicted of wrongdoing.

Jezebel spirits feed off of un-forgiveness and bitterness. These things become fuel for their fire. Un-forgiveness is a magnet that draws the Jezebel spirit. A heart that is full of hurts and wounds is fertile ground for Jezebel to plant her seeds. The process starts out with PRIDE, circles to REBELLION, then DECEPTION (LIES), then PERVERSION. These are four downward steps, like a spiral, that can be recognized.

Look for this spirit to target men and women who are embittered against authority, either through neglect, misuse, or abuse of authority. This particular spirit of rebellion manifests itself by attacking the very core of God’s creation; the relationship between men and women and the roles they have been assigned by the most High God. This spirit existed before Jezebel was born and is a spirit without gender. Jezebel targets, in particular, those called to the prophetic ministry.

The Jezebel spirit forms networks and alliances, all designed to undermine leadership. It’s rebellion is often hidden in religious behavior.  Because of its networking nature, when you attack it, you will get hit from an unexpected side, as the signals are sent through the network. Because of its control and manipulation tactics, it is good at hiding upcoming attacks.

The Jezebel spirit is found more often in women than men, but not exclusively. The Lucifer spirit of domination is more often found in men (but again not exclusively). It is a fundamentally unclean spirit and its perversion typically has both an idolatry and a sexual component. When you see the deception, the idolatry and the sexual perversion are most likely already present.

Because of its need to control, the Jezebel spirit can only operate effectively when ‘Ahabs’ (weak leaders; i.e. Ministers, Pastors, Bishops) are present. Many leaders today would rather tolerate Jezebel than allow a true prophet of God into their churches, but it was the very prophet of God (Jehu) who destroyed Jezebel. This spirit of Jezebel desire is to paralyze the Prophetic flow of God.

Jezebels flourishes hidden, doing damage in Churches where there is a fear of the prophetic ministry. Jezebel hates the prophetic flow of God because the prophetic ministry demands repentance and surrendering of the self-will, cutting away evil with confrontation. She hates the non-compromising voice of a prophet. The prophet brings people back to the cross and back to holiness. Jezebel cannot accomplish her plan with a prophet around. Jezebel hates repentance, prayer, and humility, opposing righteousness and the message of the cross. God waits for someone to stand up to it — to confront it.

Many leaders look at it and say “well, they are working hard in the church.” They appear to be supporting leadership, but underneath the mask is a driving force of rebellion and witchcraft. A great weakness of leadership is the fear of confrontation. Leadership just waits and hopes it will go away, or that the person will move to another church. Even if Jezebel stays for a short time, that is all that is needed to plant its evil seeds.

God used one of His anointed prophets to bring death to Jezebel. Jehu was a man that was fearless, obedient, and had no mercy for the works of darkness. Jehu, with the direct help from the Eunuchs, destroyed Jezebel. You have to be a EUNUCH to do this. This means, in spiritual terms, self sacrificing, you’re not out for yourself, or you’re not looking for a position in the church, or a big ministry or anything else other than building the bride for the glory of Christ, anything otherwise you are vulnerable, and Jezebel has ways to control you, when you don’t have the spirit of Eunuchs, there is little you can do.

How do you fight the Jezebel spirit?:

  • First of all, search your heart;
  • Be not hesitant to confront it head-on;
  • Pray for exposure, to the light;
  • Pray for a Jehu anointing to come over the leaders;
  • Remember that Jezebel can only function because of Ahab (weak leaders);
  • Be aware of his/her network;
  • Be convinced that the Jezebel spirit wants to kill anything that resists its spirit, especially the prophets;
  • Don’t underestimate its religious nature, it will burn people at the stake ‘for the faith’;
  • It can quote scripture like you wouldn’t believe;

Don’t be afraid, but search you heart and ask for the Jehu anointing and Jezebel will have to be move.  In the end, at the right time, the dogs will eat (consume) her flesh.

Stand up fight Jezebel with the true holiness of the word of God.  You too can be a Jehu for Christ!

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Love God. Love People. Change The World. That's it. It's really that simple. Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. Only God has the answers to all human problems. Only by tapping into His power can we overcome our weaknesses and problems. With God on my side, the sun shall not smite me by day nor the moon by night.


  1. Olupot April 7, 2013 at 9:58 am - Reply

    Let the lightening of God strive every Jezebel in my family in Jesus’ name.

  2. Olupot April 7, 2013 at 10:01 am - Reply

    Let the lightening of God strike every Jezebel in my family in Jesus’ name.

  3. Patience May 19, 2014 at 7:27 am - Reply

    I pray for Jehu anointing upon the great man of God to cast all the Jezebel spirits in their ministries in Jesus Name.

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