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The Hip Hop Culture of DEATH

Rap was once a subculture that most adults thought would be a passing fad. Now, hip-hop has become the dominate youth culture and a multi-billion dollar industry of music, clothes, jewelry, movies, and more. But the culture has denigrated into an embarrassing bastion of filth—promoting violence, drugs, irresponsible sex, excessive materialism, and delinquent behavior.

When I was a teenager, rap was much different. Gone are the days when hip hop was about “Fighting the Power,” wearing African medallions and honoring Black women as queens. Now lyrics glorify “bling, bling” materialism and refer to women as bitches and ho’s.

The hip hop culture did not deviate into degeneracy on its own. There has been a deliberate attempt by big music industry moguls to do this. The current version of hip-hop is much more lucrative, not for most of the rappers, but for the big corporations. There is still a large segment of talented rap artists who promote positive images but are not given radio time and aren’t signed to major labels.

Many rappers are forced to promote a culture of death in order to make money in the industry.  Viacom owns 100% of the national music video stations. The videos that promote some of the most degenerate behavior I’ve ever seen. They own the big three: MTV, VH1, and BET. Yes, BET. Summer Redstone, a 72 year old Jewish man, controls Black Entertainment Television. One recent music video aired on BET showed rap star Nelly running around with numerous nearly naked women, as almost all videos do, and he ran a credit card down the crack of a woman’s behind as if it was a ATM machine.

Then there is Clear Channel, the largest owner of urban formatted radio stations in the country. The very radio stations that constantly air the most vile lyrics while ignoring an entire group of “positive” rappers.

The civil rights movement of the 60’s focused on the inequalities in American society, which must still be addressed.  We have to embark on a new movement now, a movement to kill the death culture we see growing at an alarming pace before our very eyes and save what’s left of our younger generation – before it’s too late!

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