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The Definition of a Church Without Walls

The Meaning of A Church Without Walls

By Apostle Anthony Berry


I am no self appointed Apostle but was appointed at my conversion which took place before I even knew about Paul’s experience with the Lord. I saw him in a dream in which I was not asleep and he told me to come to him and as I reached him he began to embrace me and burst into light. The most mysterious part about it is that he appeared more as he appeared to John the disciple that Jesus loved in the book of Revelation. Now that I have given my testimonial about my permission to be an Apostle to the definition.


Walls are meant many times for protection from the elements and prying eyes.  They are meant for multiple reasons but the main ones are that they are meant to either keep something in, or to keep something out.  The account of the bible is given in the form and analogy of a Shepherd. The Shepherd tended the herd and protected them from danger, fed the flock, took them to the best water and grazing grounds, Pslam 23, and were viligent to all danger that the flock might be threatened by. Nowhere in the work of the Shepherds was their fences mentioned when the flock was being tended in the field. It was the Shepherds duty to make sure that the flock was safe. The Shepherd would watch to make sure that not one of the flock got too far away; and when they did the Shepherd left the flock to go and find the lost animal.  How can the flock graze freely with boundaries in place? they can’t! This is why the church was not meant to have walls. In I Chronicles 17 King David had the Idea of building God a house for worship, which the Lord didn’t desire, but tells David by the Prophet Nathan the God would build David a house to worship God in, but that David would not be the builder of the house.


Once walls and that building that they erroneously title the “church”, then all kinds of false teachings are generated by Satan through:

  1. Men of filthy lucre, con men, that want to make a business out of the love of God
  2. Men that don’t really understand the scripture.
  3. Out of wanting to be like those that are around them

If God wanted boundaries around the flock he would have built a stationary house right smack dab in the middle of the circle that he was leading the children of Israel around in.  The Tabernacle, which was originally a tent, was built by the specification of God; the ark of the convenant was also built to have poles put through it so that it could be carried. This means that the tabernacle was supposed to travel with the people, and since the tabernacle was the dwelling place of God he was going to be with the people every step of the way on their journey. The Tabernacle was meant to be mobile…


The Tabernacle Today


I Corinthians 6:12-20

Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost; What is the Holy Ghost? The Holy Ghost is the spirit of God (Christ) which dwells in us. Where did the spirit of God dwell when the Children of Israel were in the wilderness? The spirit of God dwelt in the most holy place in the tabernacle where the ark of the covenant was atop the mercy seat. Where does the spirit of God dwell in this dispensation? In the the most holy place which is in heaven and also in our bodies. He is there as both the high priest and the sacrifice, Hebrews chapters 9 and 10; so our bodies is the church, not that building, and this is why two or three touching and agreeing upon anything he is in the midst, Matthew 18. Paul also emphasizes that when the church gathers together in one place… I Corinthians 14; If these things are true then what is the church really? Our bodies! It is time for this first misconception to be done away with so that we can get the real freedom that comes in Christ Jesus.

About the Author:

I have been saved for 27 years, and have experienced a number of situations where the only way I was able to be delivered is through God's merciful graces. It is my obligation to share the agape of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to a loveless civilization.


  1. Riley (Pastor) December 27, 2013 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    at least someone is standing for what is truth. God bless

    • elderanthonyberry December 30, 2013 at 6:53 am - Reply

      I have to tell the truth before God, The Lord is coming back for us so soon and 1. I want to be ready 2. I want to do the work that he as set before me to ready those that have an ear to hear. 3. I want to wear all the crowns that I am entitles too.

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