Now Determines Eternity (Poem)

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Now Determines Eternity (Poem)

If your salvation seems unsure, cry out to Christ today. Jesus is the Lamb of God who washes sin away. If your life seems doomed and you have no hope, Christ awaits a chance to redeem you. Christ cleansed all my iniquity, and now my life brightly gleams. My soul was once in great despair with not a string of hope. Jesus stretched forth His hand, pulled me in, and helped me to cope. Though life often seems like a dreary gloom that we want to escape, Jesus can bring us through it. He is a resting place. God knows the pain that we endure, and He will be our strength. If your life seems like a quicksand, God will not let you sink. Hold fast your confession of faith, for now determines eternity. Jesus Christ came to give life and set the captive free.

*If you do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior, ask Him to enter your heart. Say, “Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God. You were born of a virgin. You lived, died, and rose again to save my soul. Forgive me. Heal me. Cleanse me.”

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