Prayer to Break the Curse of Witchcraft

Prayer to Break the Curse of Witchcraft

Father, I cancel and break every curse of witchcraft.  I come to you right now, in the name of Jesus.  I break every curse that was spoken over me and my family, my finances, my business, my health and my future in Jesus name.  I also break every curse over myself and my family that I have spoken in the name and by the blood of Jesus.  I claim that not only is the curse broken, but reversed, in Jesus name.  I proclaim right now I am free of every curse.

6 Responses to “Prayer to Break the Curse of Witchcraft”

  1. Yasmin says:

    Pls pray for all curses that was done to me and separated me from my boyfriend 3 yrs ago, be reversed, that my finances and love live prosper, and that no evil spirits shall follow me and will never interfere with my chldren and my ex boyfriend. I proclaim right now I am free of every curse and darkness over my life.

  2. Shirley says:

    Lord I prayed that every curse is reversed and broken off Tim’s life and that he is consumed with the fire of God. He will hear the voice of the Father and return with the authority of God. Tim will return back to his family, future wife, and health in Jesus. I need christian to believe with me that this curse is broken off the Tim’s life and return them back to the senders in the name of Jesus. I reverse every mandate given to any evil power to supervise Tim in the name of Jesus. That Tim will return back to his fiance as the will to the heaven Father. AMen

  3. amesia hall says:

    reversed and broken all cures off my life and finances

  4. Deborah says:

    Please pray with me against every evil and wicked curse sent to seperate me and my boyfriend. My boyfriend would always tell me how his family from africa would practice voodoo and that he knew his dad and family would pray to seperate us. We have been seperated for 4 months with no contact and I am 7 months pregnant. We were planning to marry, I would really like him back in my life and our child’s life, married and for him to spend these last few months of my pregnancy together. Please pray for our reuniting and the curse of witchcraft to be deceased. Thank you and God Bless!

  5. Hluphi says:

    ln Jesus name,l reverse all the curses and evil spirits directed against me and my family.l also know l will get a job and have a stable relationship and all witches shall perish in Jesus name.

  6. Anthony says:

    hi, I really want to help out my mom.. my parents divorced when I was just a baby, my dad was unfaithful and took my mom for granted, so my mom decided it was best for her to end the marriage (apparently I think my dad did some blackmagic on my mom with either a women he was messing around with during there marriage or with someone else!), my mom till this day has never seemed to achieve happiness at its fullest, she’s always struggling working from paycheck to paycheck, barely making it to pay bills, never has found a good man that she deserves, has anxiety’s, and is always thinking and it takes a lot out of her.. I always thought maybe that’s how she is, but one day a brother of our apartment manager felt something when he had touched her palm, and he said that my mom has been cursed by someone and that they might have buried her picture in a graveyard!! (this was a while back maybe when I was 18 when we found out, Note: im 22 now) well recently maybe this passed weeks my mom went to a yardsale from a oriental lady who was selling her things in order to pay rent, my mom was with her sister and her grandkids when out of the blue the oriental lady looked at one of my moms sisters grandkids and said that little girl right there shes gonna be successful in her life and only pointed 1 kid out of the three, then she looked at my mom and said you your eyes you look sad… someone did something bad to you.. when my mom told me this today it hurt me.. :( my mom is such a good hearted person and I just want her to be happy and several people have randomly told her or have felt something or as if someone has done something bad to her.. I just want to help her live the rest of her days happy and healed from whatever that has cursed her, my mom has worked all her life and has never caught a break, seems like she is always struggling :/ and im tired of seeing her like this, so this is why I come to search for help, maybe a verse in the bible that can help take this curse or whatever is upon her away so that she can be better, or a strong bible prayer to help her.. I know god is good and I know god can help heal her please let me know what I can say using words from the holy bible that can help her! I hope someone can help my mom out thank you in advance, and god bless

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