Financial Struggle

By Apostle Anthony Berry

If you are struggling financially, know that the bible says that the riches of the riches of the wicked are stored up for the righteous (Proverbs 13). The wicked read the bible and know about this, so they are doing everything in their power to keep their riches away from us.  Please, all of you remember that the Lord is allowing our financial hardship because we are not to store up riches in this world, but in heaven. What profiteth a man to gain the world and lose his soul (Mark 8:34-38)? The Lord wants us to rely on him to deliver us out of our financial woes.  Lets face it, most of our temptation and sorrow is of a lustful nature. This meaning that what our eyes see, that is what we want.  He also has us in financial difficulties for two other reasons.  1. It will build our faith in him to rely on him. 2. If we suffer piety now we will be forever rich in the new kingdom.