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Financial struggle… The reason

Due to the popularity of the writing on financial struggle I am led to write further on this issue; the Lord was dealing with me while I was sending replies to this post.  He wants me to let you know the reason why the wicked are blessed.

Have you read in Genesis Chapter 2:1-7, Moses explains how God formed man out of the clay of the ground and breathed the breath of life into him and the man became a living soul.  I don’t know how many of you accept DNA, but man is the only creation that was made in the way the God created him. 1. the Lord says “Let us make man in our own likeness and after our own image,” He was not talking to the Angels because Angels are created beings. He was speaking to the Word: John 1:1-14, Colossians 1, I Timothy 3. 2. This being done he breathes the breath of life into the man and; 3. He (the man) becomes a living soul.  We are the only creations that this happens with. This is conjunction with all of these verses proves that we as men are created to be compatible with God as the church.

Part of the essence of God’s breath of life is faith! This is how faith was given to man above all of the other creations.  Since God is a being of faith, we have to accept him by faith, and it is faith that God cannot ignore.

Now the reason that the wicked are blessed.

Satan fools man into believing that he gives men good things, but in actuality it is Satan that is showing men how to manipulate faith to get what they want, because Satan knows that God has to acknowledge this part of himself.  Some, such as witches, say incantations and they “know” they will get what they are asking for. This is the use of faith that is corrupted. It is the same for any ungodly person that receives from the Lord. The lust of the eyes destroys us; when we see what others have, we want it too because we ask ourselves; “Aren’t I worthy to receive some of these good things? I am supposed to be the child of the king!” Read the 37th division of Psalms. God tells us not to be jealous of the possessions of the ungodly; for what?!!! For they shall be utterly cut off. I want everyone to ask themselves this question. Did Jesus need the riches of the material? No! He didn’t; he knew that all things were his, and since you are his bride all things are yours. Accept this in faith, and with faith. I would rather be dirt poor now in this temporary world, and receive my blessing for eternity in the bride, than to be stripped of all and cast into the lake of fire for eternity. Words of faith for thought.


Apostle Anthony Berry

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I have been saved for 27 years, and have experienced a number of situations where the only way I was able to be delivered is through God's merciful graces. It is my obligation to share the agape of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to a loveless civilization.

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