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The Shelter of God Against Witchcraft

EVIDENCES OF WITCHCRAFT 1.  An assault of witchcraft leaves the christian disoriented or confused; he may even become clumsy. The soul under attack cannot connect with his spiritual vision; his motivationis either gone or lacking.

Dealing with Curses, Hexes and Spells

Curses are an unusual topic, but they are real, you can even buy numerous books on how to curse people in most bookstores especially New Age bookstores. They are now part of "teenage witch" type

What is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is counterfeit spiritual authority; it is using a spirit other than the Holy Spirit to dominate, manipulate or control others. The practice of witchcraft has dramatically increased throughout the world in recent years. One

Prayers to Break the Powers of Witchcraft

THE COUNCIL OF WICKEDNESS MUST BOW Evil agent, carry your message to your sender and release the arrows you brought to me against him. I curse the curses sent against me and return them to


The majority of Christians today are totally ignorant of the nature of evil spirits (demons), and many would prefer that they were not even mentioned. They choose to ignore this portion of God's ministry because

The Satan of the Bible

God created everything in existence; the sun, the moon, the stars.  God created other celestial beings that inhabited heaven and where made to serve him.  He gave these beings free will because he wanted the

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A minister sent me an email saying that God had given her the name of a demon called DREAM CATCHER. This demon has the power that twists words in mid-air and makes the other person

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