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Who was Muhammad?

Mohammed was born around AD 570, in the town of Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula where Saudi Arabia is located today. The desert environment was harsh and the region was relatively isolated from the rest of the world. Many religions were present in the region including Christianity and Judaism. Even the biblical queen of Sheba

God – MIA From American History

America is called "one nation under God."  But today God is rarely mentioned in our history books which have become a lifeless retelling of a vital subject. Looking at history God's way is exciting and informative.  In fact, he commends its study. "Remember the former things of old, for I am God."  He says in

Christopher Columbus – The Christ-bearer

Long before there was an America, God engraved its location on the heart of one man and gave him a mission to carry the gospel there.  That man was Christopher Columbus, whose first name means "Christbearer."  Here we will shed some light on Columbus as a God-fearing man, something which the secular historians have ignored

George Washington – Preserved for God’s Purpose

He could not boast of the noblest lineage or the finest education, but George Washington, the nation's first president, seemed chosen of God to lead a new nation dedicated to his glory.  God preserved him for a purpose.  He was never even wounded in battle.  God's hand was clearly upon his life. Promoted to colonel

3 Ways Christians Shaped America

by David Barton In early America, Christians and ministers were responsible for shaping our form of government. We were involved in three vital arenas. #1 – Christians were involved in shaping worldview. We taught society that everything in life can be addressed by principles in the Bible. Ministers addressed issues people were dealing with at