Liberalism’s Holy Sacrament – Abortion

No liberal cause is defended more dishonestly than abortion.  No matter what they pretend to care about from time to time, undermining national security, aiding terrorists, oppressing the middle class, freeing violent criminals - the

Gay “Marriage”

One thing that people tend to forget is: Homosexuals can never be "married" because they can never be "one" flesh, which is what makes marriage, well, marriage. Only a (singular) man and a (singular) woman

Islam is a Political Ideology Disguised as a Religion

Islam is not simply a system of theology, doctrine and laws, but more accurately, a political ideology disguised as a religion. It is totalitarian and supremacist and according to its central tenets, followers cannot question

How Democrats Fool America

Let’s examine a tool that the democrats use to fool the American people. The notion that the democrats are for the poor and republicans are for the rich. Now if republicans are for the rich,

God – MIA From American History

America is called "one nation under God."  But today God is rarely mentioned in our history books which have become a lifeless retelling of a vital subject. Looking at history God's way is exciting and

Christopher Columbus – The Christ-bearer

Long before there was an America, God engraved its location on the heart of one man and gave him a mission to carry the gospel there.  That man was Christopher Columbus, whose first name means

The Cure for Poverty

The best cure, maybe the only cure for poverty is massive wealth! However when we become wealthy we are warned by God to be very careful because having wealth can be dangerous if we forget

Conversation between myself and a white man trying to understand black people

C****** G**** February 19 at 5:17pm Your not the ghetto type of black chick at all? Fern Poyser February 20 at 9:28am Hello C******. Your question is a bit odd, but let me try to

What the hell is “acting white” supposed to mean?

Obama has made the racist issue acceptable.  The black men and women who have succeeded NOT mentioning their skin color, they have been accused of not being black enough for the liberal mentality. Decent successful

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