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There is a need for sound teaching in the church, but unfortunately many of the teachings are out of tradition and taught on man's understanding of the word of God. This wouldn't be a problem if more of these men sought out the Holy Ghost for the answers to the questions that are generated in

A Chosen People part IV

A Chosen People part IV By Apostle Anthony Berry More People Genesis 4   At the beginning of the 4th chapter we see that Adam and Eve start spreading seed. Conjecture has been raised on the part of the clergy, mostly ministers that are the product of the seminaries and bible colleges, where after much

A Chosen People Part III

A Chosen People III By Apostle Anthony Berry   When we last left off with the woman (Eve) I meant to write that the Serpent knew God said nothing about touching the tree. A Fruit that is Good to Make One Wise After the Serpent openly challenges Eve, and acts on Eve stating that in

Water: the Universal Solvent

Water, the Universal Solvent By Apostle Anthony Berry in concert with Apostle Mike Wilson From the very beginning of God’s word, in the book of Genesis, we find the very first mention of the earth; how it is void and without form.  Moses writes that the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the

A Chosen People Part II

A Chosen People part II By Apostle Anthony Berry I didn’t mention in the first part of this teaching that the purpose hear is for us to understand each other and see the workings of the Adversary when he raises his nasty head. When last we left off we discussed the dispensation of Innocence Gen:

A Chosen People

    Chosen People   By Apostle Anthony Berry   A dispensation is a time where man is tested by God and allegedly man fails.  This is the definition that I have been taught over 28 years ago as a young man hungering for a deeper understanding of the Lord’s word.  I have come to


A concern over immodesty is brewing in the body of Christ. For many, the too-tight, skimpy, too-short, revealing clothes worn by believers is causing much alarm. Last year, when a well-known female preacher arrived at a Pentecostal conference wearing an extremely tight dress, leaders of the group apologized to attendees and promised, "She will never


The Biblical Case A multiracial church would be defined as "a congregation in which no one racial group accounts for 80 percent or more of the membership. The nation's racial landscape is rapidly changing. People of color as a percentage of the United States population have more than doubled to 31 percent since 1960, and


Chastity is a spiritual discipline for the whole church. A word like "chastity" can set our teeth on edge. It is one of those unabashedly churchy words. It is a word the church uses to call Christians to do something hard, something unpopular. Chastity is one of many Christian practices that are at odds with


After centuries of oppression, the nation of HAITI is still locked in a spiritual battle against occultism and poverty. The scene was like something out of an old horror movie. The mourners at the young man's funeral watched silently as the coffin was inserted into the crypt. They shuffled aside as a man stepped forward to