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I have been saved for 27 years, and have experienced a number of situations where the only way I was able to be delivered is through God's merciful graces. It is my obligation to share the agape of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to a loveless civilization.

Financial Struggle

Financial Struggle By Apostle Anthony Berry If you are struggling financially, know that the bible says that the riches of the riches of the wicked are stored up for the righteous (Proverbs 13). The wicked

Having An Answer for Every Man

Having an Answer for Every Man I Peter Chapter 3 . April 25, 2014 at 2:40am   Having An Answer for Every Man   By Apostle Anthony Berry   I have found a treasure trove

Financial struggle… The reason

Due to the popularity of the writing on financial struggle I am led to write further on this issue; the Lord was dealing with me while I was sending replies to this post.  He wants

Knowing the Resurrection Parts I and II

Knowing the Resurrection.   By Apostle Anthony Berry   Now as promised, "The Resurrection". In the beginning God created heaven and Earth, and the Earth was without form and void (Gen. 1). And God put

Satan is Happy

Satan is Happy By Apostle Anthony Berry The Deterioration of the Modern Day Church   I had a prophetic dream one night. In the dream a friend sent me a photograph of a nearby overpass

The Definition of a Church Without Walls

The Meaning of A Church Without Walls By Apostle Anthony Berry   I am no self appointed Apostle but was appointed at my conversion which took place before I even knew about Paul's experience with


I have been inspired by a post on "Apostle Anthony Berry/A Church Without Walls group page by, Prophet Patricia Simmons, where she speaks about open doors which pertains to our bodies and our spirits. In


There is a need for sound teaching in the church, but unfortunately many of the teachings are out of tradition and taught on man's understanding of the word of God. This wouldn't be a problem

A Chosen People part IV

A Chosen People part IV By Apostle Anthony Berry More People Genesis 4   At the beginning of the 4th chapter we see that Adam and Eve start spreading seed. Conjecture has been raised on

A Chosen People Part III

A Chosen People III By Apostle Anthony Berry   When we last left off with the woman (Eve) I meant to write that the Serpent knew God said nothing about touching the tree. A Fruit

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